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becoming tired around people,friends

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I've known for awhile that I get tired when I hang out too much with friends or talk with people too much, but is there a way around it? A guess a better way to put it would be I'm an introvert. Today for example, I felt really tired for some reason being around large crowds. This could have been anxiety too, I'm not sure. Sometimes a friend might call up to hang out and I might be tired, but I don't want to keep turning them down or making up excuses all the time. On the other hand I don't want to show up and look tired or pissed off because I'm tired. This is becoming kind of frustrating lately.

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1) you could have a phobia of crowded places

2) There is a difference between being "shy" and "introverted. The difference is if you want to be around people

3) Is there anything in your life that might recently be causing you to get down/dejected/or depressed? Often, if I feel a little low I don't like being around people


These are just options to consider --^


Is there a way around it if you truly are an introvert? Yeah. But it takes work. You have to be intentional about being friendly. At the same time, you need to often be aware of your energy levels. If you are introverted, you probably gain energy from being alone. If so, go ahead, be alone purposely for a while to build up your energy (of course, keeping in mind you are building up your energy in order to have some when you are around people--ie. not be pissed, etc.) and then when people want to hang out, go hang out. If you feel like you are in the mood but no one calls, initiate the "hang out". Also, its okay if you aren't feeling up to it all the time ('No' isn't a bad thing), but you may have to push yourself a little if its a constant thing.


Remember, you won't make it any easier until you practice this (or something similar) over and over.


Good luck

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