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Broke NC after 2 months

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Oh brother. I was doing great. Going on dates, hangin with friends, and being with family. After months of trying to reconcile with my ex I decided to cut off contact and enjoy the blessings in my life that I still have. Then, today at work, I decided to phone her and just catch up. She was quite surprised to hear from me and seemed a bit excited. However, I began feeling terrible. There I was, back at square one.


I felt terrible because she is happy with someone else and wants me to be happy without her. She doesn't even want to be friends because her bf wouldn't approve. I told her that I love her and would still consider reconciling. She said that she has feelings for me, but not like she once did. Its confusing.


Breaking NC is not worth it.

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Well you can use this as a closure and close that chapter of your life forever, and when one chapter closes new one's welcome you with open arms.

I have been wanting to Break NC for sometime now, but everytime I think about breaking it...I just say to myself...that she is the one who broke up with me..if she wants me back, she will contact me, otherwise life goes on...there are lots of fish in the sea

Stay strong

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