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i can't cry,why???

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My Boyfriend Thinks I Don't Love Him (Here's Why and What to Do)

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hi guys,i need your help..

i was been having a row with my boyfriend about him going to visit his kid, and we ended-up exchanging hurt messages to one another..

to be honest i really dont mind him going to visit his kid but i just dont like the fact that he's thinking i do mind..

he hurts my feelings so bad,i know deep-inside im so hurt but i just dont understand why i cant cry...

i can't cry,but i feel there's alot of needles in my heart..

pls.help...thank you so much in advance..

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Apologize for the misunderstanding. Let him know that you truly don’t mind him seeing his kid.


A lot of the times when we can’t cry it’s because a part of us knows we feel a bit guilty. Because we know there was some small part in us that kind of agreed… (Not for all cases, but maybe this might relate to you more). And then sometimes, the pain and hurt just envelopes us completely (partially caused by shock) where we can’t get the reaction to release the hurt (by crying).


When people are angry they always say things they don’t mean (especially exaggerated truths). A lot of the times they show their true insecurities and second thoughts about you when they’re angry. He misunderstood you. .. now you need to clear the air.


I don’t really understand why the argument began or how he misinterpreted that you were bothered. But all you can really do is apologize and make it clear that you don’t mind.

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