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Update on my "hobby" thread


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A while ago I asked here for help picking out a new hobby




and I decided to go with tennis. I took my first group lesson and I really liked it. I actually had a lot of fun. I plan to continue taking lessons and to eventually get good and perhaps even play tournaments, who knows. It's really fun though.


Only thing though is that I made no friends at all in my tennis class... I missed like 2 classes so I went in the middle of the session but it's only a beginners class so it doesn't make a difference. Everyone already knew each other. I guess it's my fault because I never introduced myself and was all like "Hi, I'm Jackie! Nice to meet you! What's your name?" etc... I guess people are supposed to do that when meeting new people... I just felt silly doing that so I just waved and was like "hi" and that was it I didn't speak to anyone else for the rest of the class much. Even so I still had fun.


I don't have much in common with the other women anyway. They seemed a lot more older than me and frumpier etc. Eventually I would like to find a hitting partner or someone I can go hit with regularly, perhaps I will find someone in the intermediate class later on or even on craigslist etc


That was my update. I did find a new hobby and I like it so far.

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It's great that you've started a new hobby! I agree that you shouldn't discount the older members of your class. They might have something interesting to teach you. Even if you don't connect with any of them, that's fine--you can always meet new people who are also interested in tennis.


Good for you, keep it up with the lessons.


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