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What would you think if you gf got a job where you studied?

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I start a new job this week. I had the interview and then 3 hours later i was offered it. I'd been looking for about 3 weeks.


I was happy and told my boyfriend right away. All he said was 'thats great' and asked where it was. I told him. My new job is actually at the same college he goes to. Different area. Its a big place. I dont think id even see him there anyways.


Im not sure if he was too happy about the fact i got a job where he spends most of his days.


Would you be annoyed if your girlfriend got a job where you went to college?


The position is only temporary - just to the end of the year. Early next year i'll be looking for something more permanent. He knows this.


On the week end (4 days after i was offered it) he asked me when i start. I said 'next week'. (this week) He didn't follow up on it any more or ask what day.


I haven't heard from him at all today. Most people start a new job on Mondays. I start on thursday. But not even a message saying good luck or anything. Or even asking how it went (assuming he thought it was today).


Is that a bit strange?


I have this feeling he just is not happy that i'll be working there.


If you started a new job/got a job after looking for a while, would you expect a little more than the above from your boyfriend?

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I don't know why he wouldn't be happy about you working there, unless he's up to something shady. Maybe he's concerned that with you working where he goes to school, he'll feel suffocated and won't be able to have his space. Healthy couples tend to have their own lives apart from one another, and maybe he feels that he had his own life at school, and you had yours at work, and now your lives are no longer separate. I don't see why it would be a big deal, since you'll both be busy with your own things anyway, but who knows.

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thanks everyone!


i'll guess i'll soon find out if 'lunch dates' happen!


We dont see each other much at all...just once maybe twice on weekends, but rarely during the week as he is at college during the day and studying at night.


When i told him he 'joked' (i hope so) that i'll find out what he's up to.


All i know is i wont be asking him to meet up for lunch. i'll let him ask. 90% of me is thinking he wont tho. Even tho we rarely spend much time together, meeting for 30 mins for lunch surely isn't hard!

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