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Do you agree? Just my opinions....


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The true nature of human beings.



Selfish, uncaring, egostic, overall only thinking of his/

her own survival. Family values, relationships, love... are

perhaps all an illusion.. or in the 2nd place. 1st place is always about themselves! How to control a person from being selfish?? Fine him! What touches the pcoket touches the heart! isn't it?


They take advantage of any situation & care only for themselves. Which

family doesn't take advantage of each other? At least i

know mine did. They have beaten me mercilessly & then now

want me to be with them to support them. Isn't that taking

advantage? I want to stay ion my own till i have completed my therapy

and guess what, i am disowned by my very own family.... simply because i did not do what they want me to do & that is to go home.


Relationship can be broken at the next sec. People dump

their pets to shelters even when they know it would be

killed there. People dump people too when the going gets

tough. Aren't i right to say humans care only for



One must learn to survive on his own & be independent

financially & emotionally. One should depende on absolutely

no one all the days of his life after he attain adulthood.

I think this is the only way where one can be happy. If a

relationship (family, marriage, kids) exists, good! Then

treasure it but the bottomline is to be completely

independent so that one don't need to be dependent on

anyone even in the old age.


Humans are selfish & sinful and aboveall, weak. We are the

ones with the highest intelligence & blessed with a soul

but yet, we forget kindness & love faster than any other

animal in this world...


What i describe above: I am most guilty of it because.. i am also

human! I am very confused. Does love &

relationships still exists? Maybe only the mother-child

love exists? Perhaps that is the only most meaningful

relationship that exists now in this world?


Maybe the forum folks here can write something meaningful for me to thnk about?


Thanks in advance.

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The points you make are all true, to a point. Yes, people can be very self-centered and cruel. That is one truth. The other is that people can also be so very loving, kind, and generous. I have seen both sides and neither one is more the truth than the other. People are complex and have many parts to them. What is true of your family may not be true at all for another. The trick is to live your life in a loving manner. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Can we be hurt by people by doing this? Yes, we can. But if we live only for ourselves, we hurt others and that is the greatest sin. People who live only for themselves lack love, and are ugly to others. I would never want to become one of those people, even if it would be safer.

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