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told my friend I liked her 5 days ago...kissed her yesterday...now she's leaving


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I've been hanging out with a close friend of mine all summer. Around once a week we'd go out and spend the day together. But it was always as friends. The attraction and flirting was pretty obvious, but neither one of us could take the step to bring it up. Last week, at the end of one of our 'friend-dates', I told her I felt we'd been dancing around something and that I really liked her, but I was apprehensive to start something because she's just starting college, and I'm studying abroad until december. She said she felt the same way, and was really relieved that I had told her. I said it then, because we were both under the impression that she wouldnt be free again before leaving. That night though, she said we could hang out on saturday. And so we did. We spent the whole day together, with increasing body contact and more outward flirting, both of us feeling more bold now that we had admitted our feelings. Near the end of the day, we were sitting on steps, and I told her I wanted to kiss her. She said she wanted me to. So we kissed for just a few minutes. We took the train home, and when parting ways, I kissed her on the cheek, not feeling quite right about kissing her lips again. Not because I didnt want to (i now regret not full out kissing her), but I just thought it would all hurt more if I did. Texting her today, she said she wished I had and that she'd been thinking about me. She's leaving tomorrow, and I realize that our timing was horrendous, and that starting a relationship now is out of the question, but i wonder how should I proceed when abroad and when she's at school? Any advice on how to keep our connection? thanks everyone for letting me vent a little. I greatly appreciate any advice.

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