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wife leaving


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My wife of 3 years recently told me that she flat didn't love me anymore. The only reason she stays is because I "pay the bills" and she doesn't have to work. We have a 3 year old daughter, who is my world. My wife told me I am a great father and huband. She just doesn't love me anymore. She makes my life miserable, but I can't stand the thought of leaving her. I wouldn't be around my daughter as much, and I love my wife in spite of her comments. If it means anything, we were married at a young age. What do I do?

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Your situation is very similar to mine. I have just gone through the breakup and she left me, along with my 4 year old daughter. We did not part on good terms. I am alone and she has everything she thinks she needs-my daughter, child support, and a guy who is in waiting for her. My choices are to beat myself down with should have, could have, would have, or turn a major life setback into a prime opportunity to make something more of myself. I pay all of the bills, and I was ignored by my ex in every way you can imagine. We weren't happy together, but I stayed for my daughter,. Eventually it got bad and I realized this was not the person I could trust, and we had different goals in life. You cannot force someone to love you, and it hurts more to pretend that you feel loved when you know that it is a facade. Assess your needs, and decide if you are really happy. Your daughter will love you regardless, and that is what your focus should be. You can't act like you are in love, because it is too strong of an emotion to fake. Make a plan and follow through with it. Find out now, before you get hurt anymore, it is worth to you and your child.

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I went through this with my Ex-Wife. When I "decided" to move on for good and met other people (It took 6mos) she came to her senses and she changed her ways. This might not happen with you, but my point is, "seek what makes you happy" (without giving her ground to use against you in court).


Take care

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