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It's impossible to get over her...

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Well i'm in high school and i recently experienced some pretty tough heartbreak. I was best friends with this girl for a long time and was always attracted to her. I broke up with my girlfriend for her and then we decided to date and needless to say it got pretty heated. We broke up in May and I became severely depressed, to the point where i stopped trying in school, screwing up my family life, basically pushed away all my friends, and I even got to the point of some suicidal thoughts. I'm not a guy that gets super emotional but i literally couldn't go more than 5 minutes without thinking about her, every day. We went from talking and seeing each other every day to not even talking or looking at each other. Summer came and I got with other girls but I still miss her and its like 3 months later. She's gone to another school but this past week she came back to visit my high school and my feelings have restarted. We text now but I dont know if i should stop. I'm going to our favorite band's concert in september and I decided to invite her. She said she'd love to go. Was this a mistake? What do i do from here?

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