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how do i cheer her up? her cat is diagnosed of cancer...


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im currently in a long distance relationship, with me working and her going to college. my gf recently had a really, really rough summer, experiencing some of the biggest obstacles in her life. now, on top of those, she found out her cat has cancer... terrible timing of events. and the cat doesnt have insurance and parents are not willing to pay for the expensive treatments. she's devastated and has been crying/depressed for days straight. school is starting next week, and im visiting her in school this weekend. although she would be excited to see me, she's still gonna be really sad, possibly just crying...


how can i cheer her up? i know she really needs me and im definitely gonna stand by her no matter what. if you are in that situation, what would you want your boyfriend to do?


i've never owned a pet btw, dont know what its like to lose one possibly.

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