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Ugh why can't I ever find anyone compatible??


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I just feel like I'll never find anyone and I just wonder why I've never had an actual boyfriend and I'm 22. It seems so easy for people to date and have boyfriends but it seems like I can never find anyone & I'm always having complications like these..


1.)Normally get approached by a man who's either looking for sex or players.


2.)I may see a guy I like on campus at school or somewhere else. We may flirt and stare a lot, but other than that, nothing really takes off other than the flirting.


3.)I may start talking to someone and 9 times out of 10 for me, the chemistry just isn't there. They just become friends most of the time.


4.) Start talking to a guy I like, but they either start to lose interest or disappear.


5.) Mainly get approach by guys I don't feel a mutual attraction for and it's so annoying. It also hurts my self esteem because I'm hardly ever approached by a man I feel a mutual attraction for.



6.) Talking to a guy but I either get mixed signals and more than likely, you later find out that guy you like is taken.


It seems like I will be single for ever. I've really just taken a break from looking and maybe I just need to focus on me..

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It's all gravy, just take a look at where you meet most of these guys and how you meet them. For instance, if you meet guys in a "player's" bar or club, you're going to meet people wanting only sex, and if you flirt with guys in a manner that makes you seem sexual they're going to think you want sex.


Sometimes it takes a lot of searching before you find the guy you like, but it's worth it in the end.


Just keep an open mind. Here's an idea: Make a list of all your hobbies, and then search for guys who are interested in the same things. Maybe you'll meet a really nice guy

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Don't give up! I'm 20, i've never had a girlfriend but you've just got to keep optimistic and know that the person that's right for you will come around sometime


When you're flirting with these guys, do you approach them to start a conversation? Or do you wait for them to come over to you? Maybe you're attracting the quieter guys who'll need a bit more from you first before they get the confidence to come over and say hi?


If you're getting approached by guys and they're just not your type, then at least try to use that to boost your self esteem! It shows there are guys out there who are interested in you, maybe its just the more outspoken ones which you're not too interested in are the ones starting conversations with you? All the others who might be your type are too shy to come over and say hi?


I dunno, that's my thoughts on it all being of the quiet/shy type myself

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