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Here is my original breakup thread:




So basically in the beginning of july, everything was going well again and she called me 4 times in one day ..next day I called her ..she was super cold to me for no reason and i got off the phone quickly ..she called me later at night, i told her i'm busy and that i'd call her back, she screamed "NO BYE!" ..and then later txted me "you were so rude to me, i don't want you to ever call me again" ..to which i replied "I was rude ?!?! your the one who was cold in the morning for no reason and now ur saying im rude ? "


We went 4 days no contact ..I called her and she was cold again..she said she was busy .. I said ok call me back ..she said "she'll try" and she didn't so I was TOTALLY FURIOUS AND was fed up so I said THAT'S IT , no more initiating contact again !


2 days later, she calls me ..I didn't pick up the phone quickly enough ..but i called back right away and she doesn't answer ..so i was like k wth is this stupid game ..the phone is clearly in your hands..


next day, she calls me ..she's at the gate of the airport..about to board her plane and she calls me to tell me that she's leaving and to have a good summer ..I kept it "friendly" with no mention of fights but also no i miss u.. contact me or anything like that..very casual..and acted like i'm not pissed.


4 days later, she txt me thrugh msn messenger..keep in mind it's 5 am in her country now:

"i miss you, how've you been ? what's new with you ? "


I wait like 3 hrs to reply to her on msn

"hey, i'm good, i'm enjoing my summer, going out with people, giong to the gym and of course work, what about you , how's (your country) treating u ? "


I get NO REPLY ...


5 days later, it's my birthday, she sends

"happy birthday, have a good day"


I wait 11 hrs to reply

"Thanks, I appreciate it"


3 days later, she txt me through a cellphone :

"hey, how are you, wha'ts new? if I don't talk to you then you dont' talk to me ? Well I hope all is well with you "


I reply to the cellphone in 2 hrs:

"Hey i'm good, just got out of a meeting at work, it's been really busy lately, and then gym and giong out with people, what baout yuo ?"


She takes 18 hrs to reply

"that's nice, i'm doing great, i'm getting so much sun, i'malmost black (i call BS ! ) , what' new with you ? "


I figured there was no pt to reply cause I already said "what's new with me" 2-3 times ..wth u asking me agian so I didn't reply..also I was pissed she took 18 hrs.


2 days later, she writes "her change of school program got accepted"

I wait til the next day and reply "congralutions, that's good to hear "


then we go something liek 16 days without any contact what so ever.

During that time, she deletes me off msn but doesn't block me so she can't see when i come online but I can talk to her if I want (she still has be blocked on facebook).. she use to come online a lot during that time but I always stayed appear offline or didn't come on at all.


then she called long distance from her country ..it's 12:15 AM over there

convo went something like this:


me : hello

her: hey

me: oh hi

her: how are you

me: im good you

her: i'm good, what u up to ?

me: was just on my way to the gym, what about u?

her: oh, i'm in bed, about to sleep

me: oh ok, oh it's true, it's pretty late over there now

her: ya it's 12:15 am

me: oh hehe

her: so how's ur summer ?

me: aah very good, going out , gym , i'm also abotu to finish my internship this week . It use to rain a lot bu we've been having lots of sun lately so that's cool.

her: ooh no way, that's cool, me too, like i go to the beach everyday for the past few weeks ..I almost turned black (I call BS again) ..and I keep getting into arguments with my mom and my friend ..

me: oh u do ?

her: yaa ..like everyday its' like a stupid argument that I start and like it's soo hot over there that when my friend ask me something, i answer her in a bad way .. so I startd giong alone to the beach instead of with her to stop this..

me: oooh hehe (in my head, i'm like wth is she telling me this.. it's making her look bad, not good )

her: I started work too

me: ooh no way, how is it ..

her: blabla .... I dunno if i'll wanna work in the future

me: oh ya u told me this before ..

her: I wanted to tell u something

me: what is it ?

her: I went to this concert yesterday and ... I thought about you

me: oh really?

her: ya ..u remember the song u use to sing to me

me: ooh ya , did he sing it ?

her: no he didn't, hehe

me: ooh ok

her: how come I don't see you on msn anymore ??

me: (in my head, i'm like wth is she asking this when she BLOCKED me, she can't see me on msn anymore even if i do suddenly decide to come online one day ) .... well ya I don't come on anymore cause u know I spend like 8-9 hrs at work everyday on the computer then when I come home, i don't really feel like sitting on the computer , it's more fun to go out with people and stuff

her: ooh ya , that's true, i know how u feel. Well i'm going to go back to sleep, I just wanted to say hi to you ..and i'll be coming back in a month

me: ooh , I thought u were coming earlier

her: ya but it changed, i'll come back a few days after school starts

me: ooh ok, well it was nice to hear from u

her: .............ok ............ hehe (small laugh ..kinda gives u a feeling of her wanting me to say something else).

her: good night, have fun at the gym.

me: thanks, have fun at work tmrw, take care bye

her: take care bye


*close phone* ...6-7 min convo.. btw the whole convo, her tone is VERY respectful, very Friendly and/or flirty at times.

what to think ? stay the same course ..what do I do if she calls me a few days after school ?

What do I do if she wants to go out as just friends ?

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id say stay the same course.... and keep it as friends you know.. if you start liking her again still keep your distance let her do all the work if she really wants you back.


"Ramadan Kareem to you and your family. (something u say at the beginning of ramadan to other muslims) How have you been ? How come you don't ask about me. That's not cool "


What do you guys think I should reply to this ?


one of my friend said to tell her straight up what's going on with you and why u haven' tbeen the same .. but then I thought about it and that's going to set me back to where I was before , she would know I still like her and want her and affected by her decisions . I could reply again and keep it casual but not even acknowledge the last part of the msg... or not reply at all .. I'm leaning towards option2.


Thank you all for your replies btw.

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So after this post I was going to say something like, "speaking as a women, I can tell you that women are emotional and crazy sometimes." But I read your previous post and yeah, this girl sounds like someone you do not need in your life, at all. I agree with DN that you should tell her you are moving on and mean it. She sounds childish and insensitive, and you do not deserve to be strung along for the ride. Best of luck.

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