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Anyone know?

How to Keep a Man Keen After Sleepi...
How to Keep a Man Keen After Sleeping With Him

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I feel pretty clueless right now, but when I'm dating a guy and he wants me to give him a blowjob, is there some kind of protection or something that I can use ( in case he would have some disease or wtv)

( Please don't tell me how I should know the guy and be able to trust him before this happens, I don't do this type of thing, but my friend asked me and I actually didn't know what to tell her!! )

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You should actually be asking him. No one judges you for your actions, however in the end, you are the only one you should worry about in this situation. If this is something you are seriously worried about, you probably should find out if he has something first. If he's a good guy, he should tell you.


I've known or heard of girls using saran wrap, however, the guy might not like that and it could make for awkward moments.


My advice, ask him. This is your life you're playing with.

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