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Is There Something Wrong With Me, Socially?

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Why Do Introverts Ignore You?! | 9 Shocking Truths (Narrated by an INFJ Male)

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I wouldn't call myself the social butterfly, but I wouldn't exactly call myself a loner either. My family thinks it's outrageous how fiercly independent I am from them and my friends. I don't hate people at all, I love people! I talk to people, I know about social graces, I hang out with people and I have fun with people. The thing is... I just don't go out everyday. I go out maybe 3-4 times a month, usually at peoples' houses or out and about with people. My brother is a very outgoing person and goes out nearly everyday and comes home late at night, and he's 16 years old!


Another thing is... I have this thing where I love to talk to people, but only for a certain time. If the other person exceeds my patience, I hold in my anger and annoyance for as long as I could while dying to get out of the conversation. It's so weird!


It would help if I learned how to drive, but I don't have a car. My parents have 2, one for dad to go to work, and another one for emergency uses for my mom. I hope a used car doesn't cost too much, but, eh... What do I know.


I will be getting a job soon and I will attend college pretty soon, how can I try and be more outgoing?

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I don't know how to say this...


There is something wrong with you. You are far too cool and mature to be the age you are!


Don't worry about being outgoing, just be yourself!



Hahahaha, thanks you! I'm just, I don't know, I hope I'm okay or something. I love being by myself, but I love to hang out with people, but I don't DIE if I don't see anyone for a while.

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