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He thought i was going off him...how can i show him im not?

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When He Says He Wants Space | Beginner's Guide

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i must have been acting a bit strange with my bf one night and he kept asking me if something was wrong. i have some things that are bothering me, but dont want to speak up incase im just over thinking the stuff.


as we were walking, he put his arms around me and grabbed me and pulled me close and asked if everything was okay with us. and then we kissed pretty pasionately.


later that night he said that he thought i was going off him. which is untrue and told him so.


few hours later we were sort of cuddling and he kept repeating 'you dont like me any more' ......


i reassured him each time that i do......


he only started this after i took a while to respond to a text. he sent 2 and then another one asking where i was. i left my phone at home and i was out. doesn't happen very often at all to me so when i told him he didn't believe me...


it actually crossed my mind that he was going off me...i see him 1 times a week. its hard to arrange things.... its always 'see how thigns go' or 'yeah maybe saturday play it by ear'.....


its total lack of communication. as we only see each other once a week all communication is over msn or texts...very bad...


i REALLY dont want to bring it up either... is there anything i can do? ways to show him or something?

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all you have to do is be alittle creative... try going to a craft store and buy a bag of rose pedals... make a trail to the bed and all over the bed... get some little tea candles... make definite plans... cook him a nice dinner... maybe make a cd on your computer with pics of the two of you with some muzik behind... i've done this.. the exact thing.. it worked for me.. u dont' have to do exactly that.. but he may just be happy with the effort, no matter how cheesy it may be...

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Well, your boyfriend was either afraid that he himself was losing interest or doesn’t have a very high confidence level –rather sad that he didn’t believe you, but you can’t take it back. A silly mistake that was taken out of proportion and he shouldn’t be so concerned. But if you’re giving off vibes that something is bothering you, and remaining quiet, you may also be pushing him away… -Which raises the concern he feels that it’s coming to a close…


If you really don’t feel like comforting him and clearing the air: Then you need to show that you’re attentive and care about him in other ways. Such as, surprise him at his home on his day off, invite him to come over more often, try and call instead of text (at least that way it’s a little more personal… Tell him how you feel after he does something sweet, like, I love it when you do that…you’re such a sweetheart… feed his ego a little.


But not to any extremes- you could also drop hints (which I wouldn’t usually suggest, just because I find it easier to just confront bluntly about the issue).


Drop hints nonchalantly... tell him you’d love to see him more often (to emphasize you want him)… Another thought that crossed my mind, is you could always buy him a small gift (nothing too extravagant, but something that shows how you feel). Sometimes actions speak louder then words… Sit and think about how you believe he loves to be treated. Hug him for no reason when you see him and give him a kiss, let passion control your actions, instead of letting those worries send the mix signals.

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thank you Mimori


Im always quiet anyways but he said i was more so.... we dont see each other much, and all of that so i was feeling is he jsut not into me any more which might have made me give off weird vibes.


if you were to bring it up - how would you?


oh and i some what believe about the 'confidence level'...he shows a lot of insecrities....

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