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Introducing a new cat

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So, I have one cat (pictured in my profile) and my friend also has a cat. My friend is temporarily moving abroad for about nine months and her parents were supposed to take in her cat (Delilah). Long story short, that fell through I hate to see her cat homeless, so I volunteered to foster her. I will most likely take her in at the end of the month.


Thing is, my current cat - Charlie - does not like other cats. Delilah also hates other cats. Both of them are female and 5 years old. I don't expect it to be easy and I plan on having separate everything for each, but is there a decent way to help get them used to each other?

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Keep them in separate rooms for a few days but alternate rooms so they get used to each others scent. Use separate feeding bowls and then alternate them daily so they get used to that scent as well and know that feeding them together will be OK.


When you are ready to introduce them - leave a connecting door ajar enough so they can see each other but not actually contact. Do that for a day.


Then let them into the same room and see what happens. Be prepared for hissing and so on but only separate them again if they really fight.

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