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I want to tell the world. I want to scream out loud that FINALLY I have someone in my life worth posting a thread about.


So my best friend of 10 years has been with me through everything. He has seen me at my best, at my worst, cried with me, cried to me, we know each other very well and for the first time in my life, i know I can trust him.


He and I literally a few months back decided "DUHHHHH maybe the one for "us" is "us".


I have never been happier. He treats me like a princess and we don't have the issues i've had before.


He is healthy, patient, not abusive and to top that off he is loyal. Me knowing him for a decade has shown me what he does and he does NOT believe in cheating.


Sometimes I wake up afraid that this didn't happen, but it did and I deserve it!


Love is in the air.

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isnt it funny how the two of you were there all along...but took this long to finally see each other!!??

How wonderful for you both. The friends first thing is usually a great way to start.

I always ask people in a new relationship if they can see themselves sitting accross the kitchen table from one another in 30 years...and be happy to be accross from that person.

If your answer is yes...then you guys have what most other people are looking for.

Be good to each other, and appreciate each other. Never take the other for granted.

Best of luck and love to you BOTH!!!

I'm a sucker for a happy ending

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I wish you the best! I'm thinking your relationship would last for a long time. If you've been friends for just about 10 years, it just goes to show that you enjoy each others company and you know each other very well to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly. Congrats!

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I can totally see myself sitting accross from him in 30 years. I can also see myself staying with him through sickness and more. I love him thoroughly! He told me he loved me from the start but never thought I'd give him the chance.


So one day he was sitting down by his computer doing work and I looked at him and it hit me. yes folks 10yrs later..it hits me something said "its him". I denied it for ever and than I basically attacked him (no rebel from him) and he is actually the best lover i've ever had. I can let go with him and he cares about pleasing me. I didn't even believe in love.The moment i stopped looking and gave up, it woke up!


I wish all of you success because everyone deserves to be loved.


And sometimes the ones we think don't deserve love...actually need it the most..(for those of you who hate anyone) .

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That's great to hear. I can feel your happines.


I think this just goes to show how important timing is. You both came to a time when you were ready for eacother. It might not of worked 5 or 10 years ago and you both probably instinctualy knew that, but now you've grown to be right for eachother.

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