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Lying about the job - wrong?


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So I am at my new job and I am actually overqualified for the job. I think I have posted about this before. I got this job and my friends didn't really react positively to it. I joined this one because I don't really have a choice.


Obviously my job isn't a girl magnet either. So do you think it is reasonable for me to lie to women about my job? I am trying for a job in my field and if I do get that, I would have a respectable job with a lot of money. But till then I have to have this job. I need the money.


Do you think it is unfair to lie to women? The way I see it, having a better job is going to catch a woman's attention better. And the fact is, I am qualified enough to get a lucrative job too. So it's not like it can never happen.

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so you are lying to women or lying to the business about something?


if you are referring to women, i wouldn't lie. i'd be straight up and say it's just until the market gets better and you can get the job you are qualified for you. you can even joke about how crappy your current job is.

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Quit your job without another lined...
Quit your job without another lined up


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