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dont know whats wrong with my body


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so i'm completely a virgin, no oral, nothing.


but lately my vagina had been very itchy and it stings when i pee. i've looked up infections but they are all passed through sex.


my discharge has also become thick and slightly yellow at times.



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Sounds like Bacterial Vaginosis, especially if the discharge is watery. But it is not a sexually transmitted disease. You can get it without having sex. However, if your partner has mutiple sex partners, it increases your chances of getting it. You can also get it from douching.


However, if it is a yeast infection, the discharge would be thick, like yeast. Hence a "yeast infection").


Go to the doctor anyway. A BV infection is treated with vaginal gel (Metronidazole vaginal gel), it also comes in pill form and it is a prescribed medication.


A yeast infection could be treated with Monistat, which is an over the counter cream.

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Have you been wearing tight clothing around that area or non-cotton panties?

Also, have you used too much soap down there recently? You don't actually need to use soap on the area. Have you taken bubble baths?


It sounds like it might be a yeast infection or BV like other posters mentioned. Drink lots of water today, rinse with water (no soap!), wear cotton undies and sleep naked and see if you feel a little better. If not, make an appointment with your doctor and say that you might have a yeast infection. They will work you in quicker if they know you have a problem.


I'd recommend going to the doctor. If it is a yeast infection, they can write you a prescription for Diflucan which is a single pill that makes them go away. It's easier than the messy creams which I found out the hard way that I am VERY allergic too. I ended up in the ER for that one...

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