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TikTok Advice For Relationships Suc...
TikTok Advice For Relationships Sucks

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I'm new to these forums, and I think they are great!


I'm back into the dating scene (just haven't dated...no real reason except for the fact I was developing my career and I am really picky and don't meet many women), and I tried online dating, and met a great girl, but not sure if I missed something or not...


So we did the whole email/message/chat thing, and decided to meet after a few chats. We met, talked and walked/talked for a bit more, great date I think for someone I just met (about 3.5 hours), and we hugged at the end and she touched my arm as we left each other.


I called a couple of days later, maybe some plays for the next Friday night (museum, dinner) and we ended up walking for another hour, just talking. Again, great conversation, we brushed against each a few times (on purpose for both of us I think), and as we talked, she would randomly touch my arm or whatever. At the end, we hugged again, and when we finished the hug, I noticed she pulled back pretty quickly, I think so I wouldn't try for a kiss...not sure though. On my home, she text'd me telling how great a time she had.


I think things are going well, am I reading too much into the hugs vs. a kiss? We want to make plans again...or we both said so (called Sunday after Friday date...left message)...what should I expect for date #3 (or #2...whatever the first meeting counts as)? I like this girl, and I don't want to end up on the friend side of the line.


Thanks for any help...

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Your 'meeting' sounds like one I had except no physical contact at all (lol, hence ending.) . Be forward, but not full throttle-casual interest. If she's reciprocating interest, she's interested. Just keep her on your mind, call her before the date and reassure everything is planned. Make SURE that you just keep in contact with her. I think you should try to kiss her on this next date, if she tries to kiss you all the better. But, don't let it end without you kissing her if you really are interested! I know it can be nerve-wracking, but you'll know when it's right.


Hope this helps!

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