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Break up with Girlfriend - No point in being here


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Ok well basically I have been in a relationship for a while with my g/f who I see everyday and have done since we started dating. We were deeply in love and thoroughly enjoyed spending as much time as we could with one another. However recently I did the worst thing you can do and cheated on her sexually. Yes I know it was my fault and I am not blaming anyone but I felt peer pressure made me do this - as I was with a stronger minded person who kept insisting me and this female indulged in sexual acitives.


As I really wanted a long term relationship I knew It would be best to tell her straight away. I have not yet told her but after researching what usally happens to a relationship - the future of it looks bleak. The trust will never be the same etc. Thus would there be any point to continue a relationship with your partner always worring?


I am about to tell her but am worring that she will not want anything to do with me due to the uncomfortable circumstances our relationship would be in - which I understand. So If she were to break up with me I would not know what to do with myself. I see no reason to be here as I trully believe we were meant to be. I have had many relationships but never as intense as this. Basically I feel by ruining my relationship(which will never go back to how it was ie full of trust) I have ruined my life as the person I would happily spend the rest of my life with and feel so strongly towards will be gone- FOREVER.


This is such as huge problem for me that I am even day dreaming about suicide - I wish there was a way out but cannot seem to find one?

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These emotions are always strongest at first.


What you need to do is take things step by step, day by day. There are tough times ahead, but it will get easier to deal with as time goes.


You made a big mistake by cheating - there are no excuses to it, so don't even mention the peer pressure or anything else if you decide to tell your GF - you made a *choice* to cheat.


What happens after that is mostly up to her and, I won't lie to you, this could be the end of that relationship - but that does not mean you don't have a reason to live. If you spend every single day with your GF, no wonder it seems like you define your life through this relationship - that's not healthy.


There's a lot to talk about here, but you need to take this step-by-step.


I think you should tell your GF, be totally honest - take FULL responsibility for your actions.


She will be very hurt, she may decide to leave and that is up to her, but, if you truly love her, you owe her honesty.

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print your comment........................take it to her.............................and take your chances. Better than her finding out later and realizing you were hiding it.............................more chance she will forgive you and try to fix things. Give her some time...............................and it sounds like she might be a forgiving person. Be strong.

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