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what am i doing!? sudden realisation!?


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I just woke up and for no reason at all,well I guess its in my subconsious but I'm having a major freakout about the guy I'm seeing,and how he cheated on me a few months ago! Looke over my posts for background!

I'm terrified I'm making a mistake and what's worse is I don't feel like I can talk to him about it!? He 'slept in the same bed with' one of his best girl-FRIENDS who he actually 'dated' for a few months about 2years ago.

I know there's never a reason for someone to cheat on someone,but there really wasn't any reason for him to see her in this way. Everything between me and him was really good!! It totally blew my mind at the time and we both mutually called it a day.

Needless to say,we got back together...at the end of this month he and I will have been seeing each other, and no,we're not known as 'girlfriend/boyfriend' much to my annoyance, for a year!?

I don't know why its all flodding back. This time around he seems even more 'dedicated',there's other stuff to give 'evidence' of that but at the moment I can't be bothered to type it.

Why would it all come back? Why am I doubting him and thinking of the things I discovered hed said to his flatmate that proves he was snogging this other girl on another occasion to!?

I feel ill...I thought this was water under the bridge!?

What do people suggest I do?? How do I go about dealing with this? We work together and I'll see him tomorrow,do I act normal or say what's on my mind?? If I act odd or say what's on mind he'll wonder,like me,why I'm thinking about it again!?


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Dream about your ex
Dream about your ex


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