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The Active Choice: Between love and lust


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What i find interesting is how over time your goals and interests romantically will change.

With most single people there is a constant tension, or struggle between coveting love or giving in to lust. Consciously or subconsciously we all make that choice over and over and over.


Lust is a nomads game, it requires little courage, and a shorter waiting period.

The goal of lust is a shallow one and likely always involves sexual exploit with little if any commitment. Stopping to smell every magnificent flower that sparks their attention. Or lingering around just one. A bee to pollen.


Love is a warriors challenge. Sometimes it is honestly confused with lust. But in essence its the hearts absolute unwavering desire to find and join another person in acute partnership. The path is fraught with difficulty and obstacles, but the fear the heart feels is a trivial and fleeting sound, drowned out by the pounding of the steely hooves of their courage and tenacity to reach their goal.


I am what you would call a wanderer. Quickly disheartened because of my sensitive nature, forgetful, and easily amused by the fair flowers that line the path i try to walk down. Where moments prior i galloped headlong, it was but a small dainty vine that reached out and brushed my arm that halted me. Slightly confused, and a little unsure of why i was galloping, no longer seeing the field at the end of the path... i stopped, and listened...


These are conscious decisions, these both are the games of fools.

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^thats what i wanted you to feel.


i think this post is funny because i started it thinking it was going to be a structured well thought out theory. A word here and a word there and i launched into a kind of poetry instead.

it was an accident. it played out well though.

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