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ill cut this short,



my fiance finished me nearly 3 months ago, i had tried all the usual crap to get her back, and in the end, a few days before July 11th, we met again, and again the same outcome, she told me to move on, she wouldnt get back with me.. for once i listened for a short time.


so that weekend, i got drunk, and i took a girl home.. we had sex, all be it i stuck it in and realised this wasn't what i wanted, and went.


anyway, since that night my fiancé has been playing on my mind so much that last week, i jumped on a plane to cyprus to get away from it, that didn't do me any good either because she was texting me all the time, worrying, and i finally said, fine ill come back if we give it ago.. she actually agreed! so i flew back.


then last night.. she found out about that girl, and went mental, said i had been lying to her, technically i have not, through all our conversations, i said i had been flirting and got some attention of a girl, i just never said what. she never asked, so i've never answered. but obviously since that night with the girl where i left, i've been telling my ex exactly what she means to me and how care for her blah blah, but now she just says its all lies!


She Finished me,

She told me to move on

she never asked me if i had slept with someone else

i never told her..

she was drunk last night when she was kicking off, and just to spite me, we were in a club, and she got off with the 1st lad she new soon as she saw me looking..


so yeah, am meeting her again tonight where she will be sober.. any thoughts, even after all this.. i still love her and feel heartbroken all over again over this. what can i say to her

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I would avoid this person like the plaque. Mark my words when I tell you she is projecting numerous issues onto you and attempting to get you to shoulder her issues. This isn't healthy for either one of you, especially yourself.


You play with fire and you will get burned. You're playing with lighted dynamite at the moment.

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