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im so depressed plz help

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hi , i met this girl about 2 months ago, she was always in my school and in 1 class lower than me. i started to call her and we got really close and she liked me but i didn't see the signs and i didnt ask her out even though i wanted to... any way now were still friends but i really really like her and everytime i see her with anothe guy cuddling up or whatever i get all torn up inside, i get really depressed and it sux... help

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I'm really sorry to hear that. I know how it is to care so deeply for someone and not know how to tell them. You said that you're still friends right? Are you still close like before and hang out? If things haven't really changed, then maybe she just thinks you don't feel that way for her and that's why she goes for other guys. Also, if she really does like you, perhaps she's trying to get your attention with these other guys so you'll make your move. Either way, regardless of what happens I say you should just tell her. When you get that nervous feeling and start to back out, DON'T, just start talking. You may feel embarrassed and there is the possiblility of rejection, but decide for yourself if it's worth it. You'll never know until you do. There's a quote that may help here..."Of all the words of tongue or pen, the saddest are those 'it might have been'." Just think about it that way, if you don't say anything you MAY miss out on something amazing.

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Well, there was one time this happened to me when i was in High school too. A guy whom i really liked but didn't ask out, clicked with another gal. I understand that kind of feelings & i would like to say that i was sorry for a long time ( till i met my real boyfriend later in adulthood that is ) so, if you really like her & you are sure her feelings haven't changed, go for it! try it... at least once. If things doesn't go your way, you will know that you have at least tried.


I wish you all the best...

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