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Does she really think I'm trying to play her?


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I've been friends with this girl for about two and a half years now. Last year, we both went into engineering at the same college, and so we started seeing eachother a lot more often.


I started developing feelings for her, and started getting more flirty, and she flirted back. A few days ago, we were hanging out, and when I mentioned that my parents were gone for a couple weeks, she said that she had to take the opportunity to come over and bake some cupcakes with me. I figured this meant that she was interested.


She came over, we had some wine, baked some cupcakes, and then proceeded to watch a movie while both lying down on my bed. She'd go back and forth from being receptive to my flirting, to backing away a bit, to flirting herself. I was getting a ton of mixed signals, but eventually, I decided to just go for it, and I went in for the kiss.


We only kissed maybe four times when she told me to stop. She said that she didn't want to do anything with me because

-She still has a crush on someone else

-She doesn't want to ruin our friendship

-She thinks that I'm just trying to play her


I'm pretty sure the first reason is a lie. She dated the guy for two weeks, he turned her down, and they haven't spoken since. She's also dated another guy since.


The second one is probably true. That same guy I mentioned just before was her friend beforehand, and now he acts really awkwardly about it and they no longer speak. I tried explaining to her that I'm just overall a less socially awkward guy, and that it wouldn't happen to us, but she didn't want to listen to any of it.


As for the third one, again, it's probably true as well. I do tend to be very flirty with a lot of girls, and I have had a number of meaningless hookups (What can I say, it's fun), but she definitely wouldn't have been one of them. For one, I actually have an emotional connection with her (as I said, we've been friends for a while) unlike any of my random hookups. I told her that this wasn't just like that, but she didn't seem convinced.



I'm just kind of a bit down after everything. I was expecting last night to be a great day, and it pretty much turned out to be the exact opposite. I'm still interested in her romantically, but I figure that at this point, it's probably better to just try and get over it, and salvage the friendship. Just wondering, for future reference though, do you think that there's any approach I might have taken that could have given me a better shot at it working?

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