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I want to give my gf a facial

How To Tell Someone You Like Them (...
How To Tell Someone You Like Them (Without Screwing Up)

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Don't ask her just do it. Trust me on this.


Hell no! That's a good way to wind up single. Even if your girl is really really crazy and adventurous, you still need to ask first.


If y'all like to talk dirty, just ask her where she wants your cum, and then offer giving it to her on her face (I mean, dirty that dialogue up a lot, but you get the idea lol).

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Tell her 'you would look soooo cute with my skeet on your face'. Talk to her about it during sex and get her hot, then do it.


Uh, yea. I don't think this would work. First, I don't think I look cute with cum on my face. Second, I don't think I would want to look cute in that situation.

haha.. so yea


ps: vc fala o portugues?

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Get some of those eyebrow waxing strips, a mud pack and have tweezers ready.


Then when she's really relaxed, after about twenty minutes' foreplay, just whisper in her ear, "Honey, I think you'd look soooooooo great without those chin hairs... and maybe the monobrow could go too..?"


She'll be putty in your hands.


Well, that's how it works in your forties, anyway.



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If she swallows, she's probably going to be more likely to let you do it than if she doesn't.


Just remember not to get any in her eyes, it burns and its hard to open your eye for about a day afterwards.


yeah, it's called the zombie.


just while she's doin it before you finish say, "I wanna ___ all over your face". she'll say yay or nay.

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Bwahahahahaha I'm hella stupid. I read the title of this and was like, ummmm...why don't you just take her to a day spa or something?


hahahahaha, totally thought the same thing.


Totally just don't do it. Ask first. Always ask.

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