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Me and my mom have never truly gotten along well. When i was young i was more of a daddys girl until he left.

My mom is a very hard person to get along with and should be on medication to at least help with her "attitude", but is no longer on them for medical/personal reasons. (shes not "crazy")

She is horrible to put up with tho and has always made my life a living hell, with ridiculous rules, curfews to my 20's, name calling (beyond what people can imagine), fighting and arguing. (Also her retarded past boyfriends)I moved to my dads once and was told to come back and things would change, that was a lie.

Now my sister who is only 4 years younger then me and has also had problems with my mom in the past has become her best friend practically. The ridiculous curfews and rules i had dont apply to her (when im the good honor student and shes the one people should worry about). They go everywhere together and talk a lot, while me and my mom never had an actually mother- daughter relationship or conversation.

I can see people saying this is my fault or something, but it has literally been going on since the age of 5 when my dad left. Im 23 now and would move out but the apartments in NY are unaffordable, and i help my non-deserving mom with rent.

I can "talk" to her about it either cuz my family isnt really like that or lovey-dovey. Plus i came to the point where most of me dont care for a relationship with her for ruining most of my youth.

No one really understands these situations unless they have experienced them, its just so stressful...


Anyone relate?

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