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Should I Stay Or Leave My Relations...
Should I Stay Or Leave My Relationship

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guys not to sure where to put this..so mods feel free to move to the right section..but I just wanted to get everyones opinion on what you thought about people who go from one serious relationship to the next..exchanging I love you's very quickly..becoming attached after a few months..whats to be said about this type of thinking or behavior..trying to get as much insight as i can on the the topic..thanks ahead of time!!

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searching to fill an internal void with the external world. i think it's a fear of looking within...accepting that there might be something fundamentally distorted about how you view the world.


we're all wounded in some way...and it's easier to ignore those wounds...to acknowledge that you're hurt...and to continue to avoid situations that may cause pain...or force you to confront that pain.


so, you move on...hoping to find salvation in something else. the cylce continues. these people need compassion. they need to learn to find safety in relationship...to find ways to dissolve their pain. they're not worthless.

they're 'lost' in a certain sense. they need help. they need love. they need to know that love is a state of being.


relationship has an almost unparalled power to heal...but only with an awareness of that power can the healing be realized.

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