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Hello All,


I am looking for some insight into a problem I have. I left a government position a little over a year ago to pursue teaching and moved my family to do so near my wife's family. They are very supportive. The problem is I had a very unfulfilling first year teaching and if I don't have to would not go back. The administration was awful and I received little support as a first year teacher. I was very successful working for the government and would be more than ecstatic at the opportunity to go back. There are places around here that I can do so. In fact, I am expecting to get an interview soon for a position. The problem is that I have a job lined up in a city a few hours away from this wonderful job as a teacher. My wife wants me to keep going with the teaching but I know in my heart that we as a family would be much happier if I were back with the government. The job I have lined up is 20-30 minutes from her grandparents and around 90 minutes from her parents. The other position would put us 90 minutes from her parents as well but about 2 hrs from her grandparents. I know we would have support but I just can't see myself being happy continuing down this path. I thought when going through the process that the grass would be greener on the other side but unfortunately it wasn't. I can be a successful teacher if that is what I have to do and will give it my very best as I did before. I enjoyed the kids and other teachers but do not feel I want this to be a long term career. My wife wants me to do it. I am conflicted because we have a descent marriage and a great little boy whom I will not disappoint. I just don't want this issue to come between us.


Thank you in advance for any advice,


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