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I Dont Know What To Think Or Do Tbh

I Have Feelings For Someone Else Wh...
I Have Feelings For Someone Else While In a Relationship

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Hey, I do realise that this problem that i was posting can get a little confusing, so my apologies first off


In February, Me and Lauren stayed over at hannahs house because her parents were awayy, during thatt night, i realised i had feelings for Lauren, and being a shy person like i am i didnt tell herrr, 2 months later i thought i plotted my own downfall when my best friend asked her out and she sed yes, i wass heartbroken, but it was my own fault for not saying anythingg.

However there relationship lasted a little over a monthh, so i was backk in it, so i thought, me and lauren were still very close and Hayden (the best friend) asked me if i liked Lauren, and i repeated said No, which was a lie.

So comes our holiday to Spain last week, Hayden has been trying to get back with Lauren since there split in May, but she is having non of it.

So its a Tuesday nightt, i have realised a month or so previous that hannah likes me, but i tell herr that i want to be friends, then she starts acting all weird towards me, this tuesday night wass amazingg, Me, Hayden and Lauren getting drunk whilst hannah went outt with her cousin, on one of the single beds in the room i was laying downn and me and Lauren started to make outt, to Haydens suprisee. Hannah walks in and finds me and her best friend makingg outt, and considering she likes me, its harsh. Hannah hasnt spoken to me sincee that dayyy, so thats 4 days

the next morning whilst me and hayden were outt, he askedd me did that kiss mean anything and do i like Lauren, i persisted to lie and sayy noo.

Wednesday nightt comes and once again we are drunk, except hannah because she stayedd outtt.

me and lauren were making out once againn, and hayden was next to us, Lauren asked me, "Sam do you likee me"

i replied with Yes Lauren, i really like youu". She sed "i really like you too" Hayden shot up and gave me a look.

Then whilst hayden was sleepingg, me and Lauren went into the bedroom and well it got pretty heateddd, she told me how she hadd liked me since Hannahs stay over (the time i started to like her) and that shes fell for me harder than she did for haydenn.


Hayden still thinks he has a chance with herr and she told me that she doesnt want to be with himm. im not goingg to tell himm but i knoww that he'll go nuts if me and Lauren get togetherr,

so i dont know whetherr he will befriend me for dating herr if i did, or whether he wud just accept it.

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If you like the girl, and she likes you, your friend being your bestfriend should understand. I know a lot of people subscribe to the juvinile "bros before hoes" mantra, but I feel that it is unfair( regarding him) for someone to feel that they are intitled to someone who they BRIEFLY dated, and that person so happens to like your friend.I can understand if it was a long serious relationship but this was a month. Your friend may have you on not being honest with him when he asked if you liked her, but if you would have told him that you did he would have still been upset with you. The girl likes you, and she has liked you for a long time. I feel it would be very selfish of you to not pursue this. He's a friend, and a true friend will understand.

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