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Hell of a toning cycle..


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I need to whine somewhere, and this forum is generally my go-to for this sort of thing.


So I've FINALLY hit 200 lbs.


Took me long enough.


So... now I'm beginning my cut. Putting down around 10-15 lbs, and trying to keep it majorly fat [we all know it would be hella hard to have all loss be pure fat].


Except... I suck at cutting. I've got a very liberal personality, so everything from my job to my eating habits are all about freedom.


But since I hit the goal, I've kinda realized that if I don't do this for me, who will?


So I began cutting.


I'm hitting the gym at 7AM for the muscle maintenance. I'm hitting hot yoga at 4PM for the actual cardio.


I'm trying to keep my calorie count at around 2000, roughly.


So... I'm just flippin' tired ALL the time. I barely got home from hot yoga today. I fell asleep on the bus.


Oh, and it doesn't help that it's mid-30s in Vancouver lately. Hot as hell. It's 40 on the bus.


So... yeah. Life is going to suck for about 89 more days.

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You must understand that freedom does not exist, its more like ' you can do everything that you want to do as long as you are willing to face the consequenses'


Its better to 'live structural' in a predetermined efficient way, and shovle everything out of your life that is bad for you. In that way you are more like a garbage man who needs to clean out the mess, second about your diet,


Everyone in my family is really fat, so i have come to terms that i have to train 'everyday' , this is integrated and although id prefer to be automatically strong and thin, i understand that if you want to get something you need to give something, and this is a continues everyday sacrifice in order to stay slim and strong.


To cut fat, i do weightlifting, but what worked best for me after trying a lot of things, i found that a simple jumping rope (like kids use) and do 2500 jumps a day , finally makes a cut in my fat, it might not work out of your , but a jumping rope is cheap and relatively effective, just a tip from my side, i hope whatever you do works out for you.

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