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see her around work. its cold and painful


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I don't know if this really even deserves to be its own topic but i need to get it out so I'm going to make it one.

My ex and I broke up around 7 months ago. Long period of LC she strung me along with hope and then i tried to make my move which she shot down. so its been a long time of NC, a few months at least.

A few weeks ago she called me to ask me if i was sure the bike lock i returned to her was hers. She sounded light hearted and fine, I'm sure I sounded pathetic. Needless to say I felt crushed. I still have very strong feeling for her which I'm doing my best to ignore and move on from with NC, this obviously didn't help.

Well in the weeks following that call I've seen her and passed her on the sidewalk need where I work (she works summers at a framing gallery up the street) She has obviously seen me and I have obviously seen her, even making eye contact a few times. These passings don't end in conversation she looks the other way and goes on about her business and I don't talk to her because talking did no good in the past.

I just feel terrible every time it happens. I know it was a 3 year relationship and that it takes time to heal but I feel like an idiot for still being this broken up about it. I want to get back together with her but i realize that nothing I say or do can make that happen, its up to her to make any sort of move, and from the way things are going I don't see that happening. I just want this to be over so I can feel like a normal person again.

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