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Considering attempt to get back together


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I'm 39 She's 39 I have an 11yr old daughter and both of us have never been married. We dated for almost 5months. It was the best relationship I had it all went smooth and chemistry was great. Everything happened quick the I love you's , getting married, and all that. At first it was more her, and I intially started to step back a little. I then thought there was no real reason I shouldn't let this move forward. She was great with my daughter and a grounded woman. Well she is Mormon and I'm not. We talked about it and appeared we had an agreement that I would be a part of that and respect that and her (no baptism). Even though I thought they have some strange beliefs.

She says one day that she is having doubts about things and maybe we are moving to fast. Well I freaked out and we were both emotional. So I find out her ex of 4yrs who is Mormon is making her feel guilty and attempting to win her back. She clamied he never kissed her and it was like a friendship and no romance. So we battled this guy coming in and out of our relationship. he would text, call and was coming by her house also waiting for her to come home from being with me. She would let him talk. Eventually it all came out and she told me all about it and promised it was over and she has told him all contact needs to stop. Well 1 month later she breaks up saying she is confused. I told her since she is confused still it needs to end. Well a week later i attempt contact and she emails saying they are giving it another try.


I was floored and very hurt. I felt like she left me because the pressure.

I was borderline stalker after that. texting and emailing leaving messages . she igonored me for about 3weeks. then agreed to talk. We talked and she complimented me, said I smelled good, saying im cute. it was very mixed signals for a break up talk. anyway that was it. after i sent some more texts like an idioit i finally stopped. I know it sounds crazy but she was a good woman who was dishonest to me. I still think about her everyday. I have dated many women and still can't get over her. She was so good with my daughter to.

The last couple months she has been emailing my daughter saying how she misses her, misses hanging out with her, enjoyed doing HW with her. It's about every other week they email. So my daugher wanted me to drop off her old clothes to my ex to give to her niece. well i thought my ex will not want me around her house, but i WILL ask if it's ok to drop off. she said sure anytime. We have had small talk via email about her new job and she sent me a happy fathers day email. She isn't getting perosonal though. Only with my daughter. I'm thinking the BF may not be in the picture. I'm surprised their not married.

I have been considering trying to call and talk to her , ask her to lunch.

I still care and do forgive her. But she also hasn't sent any serious signs from emails that she is interested. but at least she replies to basic questions where a few months ago nada.


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alright my advise is to scam your way thru this one, say you will become a mormon if she comes back to you. Then marry her, and then when things are settled down never be an active mormon practisioner, never tell her off this as you would be screwed. Think about it most people are only religious nowadays by being registered at a church while they don't practise anything, no reason why you couldn't do the same. yeah i don't like it either, but some times you just have to scam your way thru life. Or hell even goto church with her somedays, you are 39 you don't have to believe the non-sense they are spouting, just let the girl be satisfied, and you will get what you want.

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I did go to church with her sometimes and even said at one point I wanted to learn more.

She said I shouldn't join for her. I never said I would join, but I was compromising alot because I know relationships do take some. I was meeting her halfway. Then she left anyway. It was easier for her to go back to the ex. But I have a feeling things didn't change there, I'm thinking they may be broken up.

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