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Feeling sad...


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My partner is overseas for work. His emails and phone calls and facebook posts are full of how great a time he is having, how he wishes he could just stay there, and wishes someone would offer him a job there, etc. When he was going on about what a wonderful time he was having on the phone earlier today, his colleague in the background had to shout out to me "and he misses you" and my bf said, "oh yes yes I'm missing you" - because the way he was going on about how much of a great time he is having was so over the top. It really makes me feel like rubbish. I'm stuck at home, working, paying the bills, and he's off having a working holiday and it doesn't sound like the work is very hard (he is an entertainer). So I feel really sad and felt like saying tonight, Well don't bother coming home then.


I just wanted to vent and don't know whether to say something to him or not. I don't want to sound stupid and jealous! I know I am a bit jealous but really I have so many good things going on at home at the moment that I'm not green with envy, I just wish he wouldn't say that he wants to stay there, with no regard for how that might make me feel.

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It is ok to be a bit jealous. Its natural for you to want him to be happy where you are and to hear him so exuberant on the phone is hard. It doesnt mean he loves you any less or cares for you any less, he is just having a good time. Its not like is trying to make you feel bad, he just wants you share with you his happiness and wants you to be happy with him.

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Oh... : (


Trust me, i'm the exact same way with my boyfriend. He is studying to be an engineer and he's getting another workterm soon... he says things about how he'd like to go do a 3month workterm away in Germany or someplace cool.

And I mean, that's fine! I'd be the same way!


But I can't help but get sad and REALLY jealous when I think about it.


It sounds like he is intentionally trying to make you jealous. With the "I just want to stay over here!" comments...

Sometimes it's fun to brag about where you are and how much fun you're having...

maybe he doesn't realize that it's hurting you so much.

I think you should definitely tell him.

But i'd emphasize how sad you are, rather than how mad you are.

See how that goes.


And if he doesn't smarten up...then clearly it's time to go out and have more fun of your own, where you live!

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