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Drifting Apart...what to do?


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Hey guys,


There is an issue that I have been struggling with for a while and I wanted to get advice/opinions on. I have a group of friends I always hang out with and as of lately I feel as though I have been drifting apart from them. There have been no arguments or anything serious like that.


Lately, when I hang out with my friends, it has felt more of an obligation than anything. They are more fixated on their own life, gossiping, shopping and partying...which is fine but that's not where my head is at right now. When I do hang out with them, I'm out of the loop in a lot of things or they are gossiping about their other people they call their friends. I have tried opening up and sharing but they honestly don't care..it seems like I'm talking to a wall most of the time.


As of lately, I have been stressing on my future. I'm applying to nursing schools in a month and I need to take an entrance test also. Along with the stress of nursing school, I have a lot of of other family commitments that are keeping me with my family and cousins. I guess I am more focused on school, working, and spending more time with my family due to the circumstances. Mostly, i want to start being serious about my future and gain my independence. Dont get me wrong, I like having a good time....but school and nursing are being put first now.




I feel terrible as they haven't really done anything...but I can't handle their constant drama or the fact that they are always talking * * * * about everyone. (I have been guilty of that too so i'm not trying to paint myself as some martyr here...but it makes me wonder if they are saying things about me behind my back also). I would like to say something but since they are really dramatic, the blame will fall on me somehow since I will be outnumbered here.



Is it normal to feel this way? Any one faced similar issues in any of their relationships? Should I keep them as friends that I see once in a while?

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Sure, it can be pretty normal to feel this way. I have recently had similar feelings about a group of my friends. There isn't any drama, but I just felt a little bored, so I connected up with some new people via link removed and have met some cool people. I have new friends to hang out with now, but I then find I miss my old friends. So I make time for both! Change is as good as a holiday.


There are reasons why you are in your current group of friends and that will always be there. Maybe it's time you took a break from them, maybe it's time to leave them behind (ie they have served their purpose in your life)


but if they just seriously p*ss you off all the time, then perhaps it's time to find a new group...

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Sounds to me like your head is in the right place, worrying about school and what not. Keep on doing that! Everybody has a dramatic friend or two, I have plenty, and they're fun to hang out with once or twice on the weekend, but during the week, I'm more focused on doing what *I* need to do. Don't get yourself caught up talking crap about people, it's unhealthy for your soul, when they do, don't participate, laugh it off.

You're going to meet plenty of people in your life, don't feel bad about dropping a bad apple or two, we all do it.

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