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Have not long finished a 12 month relationship with a girl, to cut a long story short, she felt that I wasn't the one for her, fair enough, life is never a bed of roses, so we parted.

About a month before we spilt I was at her house one evening, we were talking and I noticed a copy of a magazine, one of the lead articles was 'The Farmer wants a Wife', a UK TV comapny made a series out of it last year for lonely farmers looking for love, sticking out from the top of was a letter she had written, addressed to one of the farmers featured in the magazine, I did not say anything at the time. Since going our separate ways she has been ringing me, texting me every single day, I resorted to not answering her calls, when I asked her why she kept trying to contact me she responded by saying that she didnt want to end contact between us just like that, I can see her point however it felt like she was chasing me, almost as if she didn't want to lose me, when I confronted her with this she immediately backed off, I thought that I had managed to explain myself properly as she didnt contact me for about a week, then a few weeks she knocked at the door, reason why, she had noticed that I had a new pair of curtains in the living room!, I didnt let her in and kept the conversation short, 3 days later she sent me a text, asking why I didn't let her in.

I didn't respond to this text, later on that week she sent me a letter asking why I had not rung her recently etc, I emailed her back to say that I knew she had written to the magazine etc and I felt let down by her actions and that I felt that being friends now was not on the menu.

I am not sure whether I still want to be friends with her or not, I miss her very much and I know that she misses me as well, I sent her a text message 2 night's ago asking if she wanted to meet up and have a chat but she never replied, is it worth trying to make a go of it or walk away for good

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