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Time will heal your heart. can you relate? my own experience and advice for all...

Lost the Love Of Your Love? Watch T...
Lost the Love Of Your Love? Watch This!

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I seem to go for the "bad guys" the ones who melt your heart and have got the gift of the gab. the ones you instantly fall for then it takes months to get over when theyve knocked u down, and no matter how much wine you have or how many times you go out with your friends u cum home to bed and the thought of him comes flooding back, and that vicous circle continues.

everytime i meet a guy i analyse him but my analysis is always wrong. i try and trust but i just can not seem to grasp it.

After a long term relationship i thought i was never going to meet anyone like him again. i would believe i was going to be on my own forever and my heart was shatterd. i was miserable for months and even though i had fun with my friends, my heart still had pieces missing. i couldnt bare not speaking to him and i regularly skipped meals because i thought if i lost some weight he might like me again, and i did everything in my power to win him back, but he'd moved on. i just couldnt. i began to drink alot during the week and at weekends id be out of control and fall over, bang my head and wake up with bruises i didnt no where from. as they say, Rome wasnt built in a day and after doing my own research i decided to help myself. I watched endless films and looked at information on the net. i taught myself that no matter how hard it is, time is the best healer. i new that if i wanted to change i had to do it. i began to enjoy myself for who i was again and last christmas i met a guy who made me feel like someone. i thought he was funny and kind and i started to really like him. but i was wrong. a few weeks into seeing him i found out he was seeing other girls too. to cut a long story short he didnt want me but he wouldnt let anyone else have me. he made my life hell for months and it really got me down again and to this day i still like him but he now has a girlfriend. i have no idea why i have feelings for this guy because he totally ripped me apart.

Both these experiences have made me learn that men are truly (to put it nice) idiots. Ok so not everyone has bad relationships, buy surely guys shouldnt be allowed to treat us girls like i have been treated. I want to sit and cry all day and night because again my self esteem and heart have been shatterd. i think about how i will ever meet "the one" and even then, will he treat me like a princess.

Feelings and emotions are hard to deal with and sometimes people ache in places they didnt even no they had inside them. Advice is there but sometimes people feel they are still alone, but remember, someone else has problems too. As marilyn monroe said ... "I believe everything happens 4 a reason. People change so that you learn 2 let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when ther right. you believe less so eventually u trust no1 bt urself. An sumtyms gud things fall apart so better things can fall 2gether"

i often want to ask the guy why he hurt me so much, but i just think to myself whats the point. what IS the point? im now starting again, trying not to go down the path i went down before. I enjoy my job and am looking into the future because the past is staying where it is. i wont let men bully me anymore, even though i said that before, but i wont aim to find a guy, ill let nature find one for me and when it happens, it happens. i will be happy again, im young free and single and right now i dont need a guy.

if you can relate to my post i hope that you also leave the past behind you and move on. As i mentioned before, Rome wasnt built in a day, so let your anger out in the gym or somthing you enjoy doing. Time will heal your heart, not alcohol or anything that you think will but infact, makes you worse.

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Its strange that you posted this today because I was just thinking to myself, "Why can't I let go of my ex? Why is it I am determined for us to be together? Why am I doing this to myself?"


Its scary because I feel like I almost can't even help it. It's encouraging to see you had similar feelings and are on a path to somewhere better. I want to be on that path with you.

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Although I hate the saying, it is extremely true. Time WILL heal everything. My last relationship which ended a few months ago...it was extremely painful when we broke up. The way he did it was like the WORST way someone can break up with someone and honestly, the whole relationship I realized was a joke on his end. I was used, lied to, probably cheated on..etc. I didnt eat, sleep, do anything for a month straight. I was a walking mess and anything anyone told me (you know..time is everything, ull be fine, theres plenty of other guys, youre young, etc) didnt mean anything to me. HOWEVER, throughout the time...I learned how to love myself all over again. I realized all my GREAT qualities and realized that it is HIS loss. I was the fool for the time I spent with him because he so didnt deserve it and now I am having the BEST time of my life. I am so much happier now and really the secret is.....surround yourself with people who love YOU. people who are good to you and people that care. ONLY POSITIVE people and things, let into your life. Do NOT let anyone or anything take away your happiness!!! You are great and do NOT let anyone tell you different! (especially a guy!!!)


Hope that helped a little bit



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Thanks guys i no there are people out there who have similar problems but you never believe it until u hear it!

your so right about staying positive...it totally is their loss! once they realise that, they seem to come crawling back but this time its me who will kick him in the face! (not literally!)

Love will come to us and stay with us when the time his right.

Whether were 20, 40, 60 or 80! there is plenty of time for us to find mr right until then we deserve to go out have fun and enjoy our lives!

Good look on your mission girls, im glad we can all talk, i feel so much better now ive let it all out!


Stay positive and Take Care xxx

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some guys deserve a kick in the face..literally though! hahaha but glad to hear you speak so postive!!! granted, im soooo over him but sooo not over the 'situation' and I probably never will be but all I keep telling myself is 'what is meant to be...will be'. EVERYTHING always works out in the end. and man did i hate when people told me that but it is so true. I used to stress, be upset, over think and analyze until i realized...what is that doing for me besdies making me sick?? so i live a carefree (to an extent) life and stress free and i love it! If i was to ever see his stupid face again, I would actually thank him for this. such a blessing!!!


I hope you keep your positive energy up girl and rock it


Just have little mottos or quotes and tell yourself them everyday and no matter what...ALWAYS smile and laugh, ive learned recently that, that also brings good things around! if you ever need anything, just PM me

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