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On and Off Relationships

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for those of you who have been in on and off relationships..


its pretty obvious that after the first time the relationship ends, it is never the same. but why is it that when you dont have the person, you wish you were with them, but when you get back together with them, you are just angry over the previous break up, and try to find a way out of the relationship..


is it because deep down you know the relationship isnt for you, but you are just stuck in somewhat of a "comfortable" spot?



Also, which is better?


1) To be in the relationship with that person until you find someone new


2) Heal yourself, and work on yourself and who you are while you are broken up, and then slowly move onto something that suits you better?


Has anyone tried either approach?

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I think this is how I've ended up in the situation I'm in today. Me and my ex (omg thats the 1st time I've said that out loud, it feels strange!) first ended our relationship at New Year. We were arguing a lot and he said he didnt want to be with me. He was very cruel about the whole thing (exactly like he is being now) telling me to off when I ring, telling me to leave him alone. After a few weeks we decided to get back together, but you're right it hasnt been the same and for the past 6 months I still didn't fully get over the fact he said 'I don't want to be with you, off'.

He ended the relationship yesterday, more or less with the same reaction he had at New Year. This time though instead of begging him to take me back I'm deciding to have a bit more dignity and I'm going to work on myself and hopefully in time move on to find someone who will take me feelings in to account


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I've been on and off too many times with my ex... this time I'm pretty sure it's over for good. I do miss him and care about him... but I think it's more because I had gotten used to txting him and getting txts back from him, so it's just become a habit. And habits are hard to break... I have to constantly remind myself of all the things that really hurt me when I was with him. Then ask myself if I really want to place myself in the position to be mistreated again or not...

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