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Well i'm getting ready for the prom, and i'm not really sure what i should do. I want to invite this girl that i've talked about previously. But i'm not sure if she'll say yes. Like the other day during a basketball game i was sitting with a bunch of friends and then she ran up and sat infront of me and kept looking back at me and stuff so i dunno... but then i go to talk to her and she kinda ignores me i don't get it. I want to ask her so bad but i'm so afraid of rejection, last yaer igot rejected 21 tiems. It was the worst thing ever. And then i endedu p not going . so i 'm just going to ask like 3 people this yaer and then if no one says yes i'll just go alone or whatever. But my other choice is this girls best friedn so basically if i ask one i have to ask the other right away and make sure they don't talk because i dunno i think that it would be weird if i asked one adn then the other with some time like they were my last resort or my second or something. Any suggestions of what i should do how i can ask the girl i really like when i don't talk to her much since she kinda just ignores me but then all my friends say she stares at me all teh time and like .. i dunno. Help! heh thanks

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