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Feeling ok after breaking NC

Why Men Come Back - ALWAYS
Why Men Come Back - ALWAYS

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After 5 weeks since she said she was confused and needed space, 2 weeks since she ignored my text X sent me a text with her new number.


Most people would probably say stick to NC but I have been going crazy in the past 2 weeks and almost emailed her several times.


I sent back a message saying I’d been surfing this weekend (she is a surfer and was going to teach me), I missed her and hoped she was ok.


I guessed if she didn’t ever want to hear from me she wouldn’t have sent me her new number!

Maybe the ‘I miss you’ sounds needy but part of our break up was due to her insecurities and I want her to know I am still there for her.


I wasn’t expecting a reply but did get upset when I hadn’t heard back for a few hours, but then I normally break down in tears at least once a day so this was no different from not contacting her.


Just before bed I did get a response ‘’Glad to hear you are surfing it up J. Hope you are ok. I have been missing you.”

I did respond with ‘’I’m now aching all over from surf but really enjoyed it! Good to hear from you. You know I miss you and hope we can meet up sometime. X’’


No response but I wasn’t really expecting one.


Maybe I now have false hope but I actually feel better today than I have in a long time.

I know she has ‘issues’ and our relationship will not work at the moment. She does need space. The only way we could ever work is if she sorts her head out which will take time.


I guess the fact that she said she missed me made me feel better I know it’s the best I can get at the moment.


Do I want to contact her again? Yes but I did before. In fact before I wanted to send a long email which now I have no desire to send.


Has breaking NC put me back? No or at least not at the moment. Contacting her didn’t achieve anything but I do feel better.


I still know I have to move on which I am trying very hard to do by keeping busy and only contacting her if she contacts me first.


I am not recommending everyone break NC but for me I felt I did the right thing. I would still be tempted now if I hadn’t already.


NC day 1 part 4!

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Some of you just have no idea how to give someone space...lol


You are moving way too quickly to throw in that "Hope I can see you soon" part...the missing was pushing it, but after her FIRST REPLY, you tell her you want to meet! Thats too much man. Relax, dont be desperate.


Contact with her + a reponse is awesome!!! But you need to relay to her that you are moving on and enjoying life!...and that you're not really thinking much about her. She knows you miss her because you said it the first time...Dont repeat yourself over and over. If you get on speaking terms with her, the last thing you want to do is tell her you wanna hang out and stuff...She will want to hang out with you if she knows you're moving on.

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I never said I hope to see you soon. I said "sometime"

She has insecurity issues and yes I want her to know that I still want to see her.


I don't actually want to see her at the moment. I know from her lack of contact with me she is not about to ask me back. I know I am not in an emotional state where I could deal with seeing her yet.


I was just trying to say in this post I felt better through contacting her. Put me down if you like but I was trying to say for the first time in weeks I have actually woken up and felt ok.


I do not intend to contact her again, I have been giving her space and am trying to move on.

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