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annoying, pesty friend.. need advice?

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So here's a scenario.


Person A, person B and person C are all close friends.


Person A and B hook up.


Person A's best friend (person C) does not approve of the relationship.


After a few months A and B call it off and C has the time of his/her life doing the whole "I told you so" thing.



Here's the problem


2 months after the break-up, person A and B have remained good friends.


Person C now wants A and B to cease ALL contact between each other and goes as far as to try and force person A to delete + block person B off their msn + facebook + everything else lists.


Person C thinks A and B will get back together if they continue talking, regardless of how many times person A has convinced person C that they will not get back with B.



Person A would like nothing more than to delete+block person C off their list and life for being such a persistent and annoying a**hole.


What would be a more friendly way of telling person C to back the eff up and mind his/her own business.. Let's just say person A has tried all the ways he can think of and person C is still adamant on making this friendship end.

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What would happen if you took the square root of A squared plus B squared and divided it by 3, and then set that equation on a train going to Kansas traveling at 96 mph? I think that's where you'll find your answer.


Otherwise, if you can't figure out that equation, just don't fret your friend's advice. Be the adult, and do what you know is best and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. If they protest then tell them that you don't want to hear it.

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