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Boyfriend fobs me off etc


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Hi. The title isn't all of it, just short enough to keep as the title of the thread


It started a couple of months ago. For the record, we've been together since the end of May 2008.


Usually my boyfriend isn't very chatty online and I accept that since he prefers to talk in real life. But now it's a different matter, since he's pretty much stopped interacting with me in real life apart from asking for things all the time like massages when he never gives me any etc


There's this girl he used to like before we were together that he only knew online but she went to the same college as us. He was totally hung up on her but accepted he'd never be with her after about a year. About a month after that he asked me out, so I don't know if I'm just rebound or something.


Recently when I've been round his house, he just sits on the computer while I sit alone watching TV. He talks to her while playing poker on Facebook and sometimes plays some MSN games with her. He talks quite animatedly with her. I talked to him about this and he said if I want him to sit with me I only have to ask. But why would he want to talk to her as his default action instead of watch TV or go out somewhere with me? He always used to.


Thing is, there's another friend he talks to frequently, but I know 100% he doesn't fancy her. She's his sister's boyfriend's sister and she already has someone she is very much in love with. The thing that bothers me is he talks to her more than me when she's just a friend. So I'm less than a friend now? I don't understand.


A couple of weeks ago he told me he's really depressed, like suicidally depressed. It literally came out of nowhere cos he acts so happy around people. He was like that when he fancied the college girl last year so I'm paranoid. I know that college girl 100% does not fancy my boyfriend, but they are meeting up on Tuesday for coffee at Starbucks. She'd never try anything with him but my point is that he might fall in love with her again.


This evening I saw he'd had an animated conversation on Facebook with his sister's boyfriend's sister about stuff. Everything I said to him today was just returned with "ok" "klkl" "lol"... basically just trying to get rid of me cos he didn't want to talk to me.


Tbh, I don't even think he loved me from the start. He used to be a bit passionate and say "i love you" every so often, but he's never walked next to me when we're out, he always walks ahead like I'm not there and I can't keep up. He once said on a train home from Thorpe Park that he didn't even fancy me when he asked me out but wanted to see how it went, but later said he was joking when it was so obvious he wasn't.


I forsee advice of dumping him lol...

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Since this girl is just a friend, there should be no problem with you, (his girlfriend) going with him to meet her at Starbucks.


Also, that's very immature and disrespectful to be talking to another girl on the internet, while you're there with him. I think you need to get up and leave, and show respect for yourself when he does that.


I think that you need to decide whether he's in this with you, or not.

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That's what I was thinking. I'm gonna talk with him when I see him next to ask if that's the case and if it is I might as well end it.


Edit: Sorry, that was in reply to Tory!


HeartGoesOn: If he says he does love me, and talks to her again, I'll just leave like you suggest! Sounds like a great idea to scare him thank you


They did invite me to go along with them, but I said I'd feel awkward and be over-analytical about how he talks to her. Do you think I should go?

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