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lacking motivation. how to push myself?


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i was always great at motivating myself, growing up. i excelled in highschool, in most jobs i had, i didn't necessarily need to try hard, but i was good at most things.

after high school i took a couple years off, worked, etc. now i am back at university this year.


i found i've lost all motivation.

so far i've failed one of my assignments, i'm barely showing up (although that doesn't matter too much), and i'm most likely going to be handing my next assignment in late (it's due tomorrow and only about 50% done).

i don't know what's happened to me?

i don't particularly like this course i am in (and am having trouble right now deciding my next career move), but getting distinctions in it means a lot to me because i can go onto an even better course, or career with it.

where do you source your motivation from?


sometimes simply just finishing the course isn't enough motivation for me, and i don't know what to do. soon it will be a matter of: wake up and work hard or you'll fail, y'know?

any ideas how i can motivate myself? i feel like i need a huge kick in the butt, but at the same time, i just feel like giving up, and i've never been one to start something and not finish it..

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maybe mapping out your goals and having a visual of what its gonna take to get from a-z might help try to find what made you feelo good about your goal and what it would mean for you to achieve it also a lil fun to so u dont get so burned out would be good to. ohh and hey go gidget1 go u can do it k that was sort of a lame try at motivating u but hey lols

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