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I'm going to get my heart broken again...I know it!

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Somebody please help me...I feel like I'm back in high school trying to figure out logarithms (no offense to you math people out there) but it reminds me of that. Remember how it took like a half an hour to figure out one problem and once you got the answer, you had no idea if it was right or not? Well at least that was the case for me!


Well that's exactly how I feel right now. I'm putting all this effort into a girl I really like and I have NO idea how I'm doing...or what I'm supposed to be doing.


I said when I first started with this girl that I was going to stay calm and I wasn't going to care if it worked out or not. But now I'm really starting to fall for her!


Here's my main problem--I've never actually dated anyone before. My last "relationship" started with sex on day one and it took us a year after that to figure out we weren't right for each other and a relationship wouldn't work.


Well this time, with my new girl, we're taking things slow. We kiss everytime we are together and she seems to really like my company. But we are taking things REALLY slow...the kissing is as far as we get and there's never any truly "alone" time with us. And I'm not used to this. I want to maintain that mindset that I don't care if it doesn't work out...but at this point, I really do and I want it to work out!


I've come right out and told her I liked her from the very start, but she's never told me her feelings about anything. We've only started "officially" dating about a month ago (not bf/gf though, just dating) so it's still early, but how do I know if I'm on the right track with her???

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One other thing...I dont' know if this is just the way she is, or what...


But she doesn't really spend a lot of time with me. When we go out to dinner or the movies, for example, after dinner or movie is over (but never both), she doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything else but go home. No ice cream, mini golf, walks, drives, bowling...whatever.


We just do what we plan to do and there's no deviation...which bothers me a little bit but I'm afraid to say anything...

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Hearts get broken and there is nothing that you can do about, because it is just a part of life. I think that you need to realize that dating isnt about how much effort you put in, because that isnt how a girl will start liking you. Instead she will like you if she likes hanging out with you, and an emotional connection develops.


At this point I would suggest that you realize that you are just casually dating this girl and that she is probably seeing other men. IF she is interested in you then things will progress and IF she isnt then the situation will start to die slowly.


Personally I would stop trying to put in all of this effort. Ask her out and just enjoy spending time with her dont worry about trying to make her your gf. Just have fun, with her and it would be best if you were meeting other women as well.

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