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I don't know if it's me


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I got into a fight with my girlfriend who at this point may just become an "ex." we broke up three years ago, went into NC for a year, we've been together since last year, again.

The problem is that I get ticked off when she hans out with friends. we broke up becasue she cheated. She still in contact and on friendly terms with some of her co-workers. I've expressed that her cheating on me with her boss not only had her and that man attached as emotional pain to me, but also her relationships as a whole. her whole work environment and people in it I have resentments toward.

After we broke up, she was still coming around or not at all at her whim. This was hurtful and confusing at the time, and I fel that I JUST DIDN"T BELONG.

Now, when she's out with friends, even those not from work, she'll call and say that she wants to borrow a yoga mat or some other thing, and that she'll "be right over." this catches me off guard as it reminds me of the behavior she used to pull during those painful days. It still feels playful, like I don't belong. I don't know if I'm wigging out or what.

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