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signs that someone wants to be more than just freinds


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What are the signs that someone wants to be more than friends.

I have two male friends that act like they are into me but the first guy simply cannot be as he has lovely girlfriend and lives abroad. Yet he buysme gifts tries to get the conversation on to provocative topics while staring at me. He plays with my hair, compliments my acheivements my body etc sometimes in front of a girlfriend whom he continually touches. He had been like this towrds me for years and through two important relationships for him so even though he displays loads of the sign of attraction and probably is attracted, he only really wants to be friends.


The other is not so bold, is single and lives nearby. He likes to touch, lean into me at meals,text, flirt and compliment me also. But how can i tell if he wants to be more than just friends?

I have made a carreer of being men's second favourite woman. Men love me and think i'm great and pretty etc etc and think im the girl they'd most like to date after their girlfriend. I think i really have carved out a niche for myself as the world's most popular second violin.

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In my opinion, do not waste your time on the first guy. He is way out of line in his affection towards you. Imagine how many women he will persuade, trade up or cheat on with his Casanova tactics. I know the attention makes you feel wanted but it is not healthy. This is why you turn out to be the second woman. You must cut alll intimate conversations and touching down to just business of school or work.


Now for the second guy, he "is" into you. He is a bit shy and formal due to the high respect he has for you. He clearly is a one woman type since he is not persuing other women. He is just waiting for you to give him obvious signs that you are interested. I seriously think you two should have a heart-to-heart about where this friendship should progress. He is a far better choice for you then guy #1.


I think you really need to break that cycle that makes you seek validation throught unhealthy attention from the wrong guys. This is why you may attract those men that only want you as the other woman or second violin as you put it.

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The first guy was someone I met as part of a group when we were both quite young. He had a tremendous crush on me that was unmistakeable. However I am older then him and his sister is my best friend. Nothing ever happened and our lives went in very different direction yet everytime we meet I can see the lump in his throat and the long stare. I was quite unaware to begin with but then when his desire became more naked I was swept away with it yet also terrified of the repurcussions. I love his sister like she was my sister and I didn't want to sabotage that by making advances on her baby brother. He would push and I would pull back but the flirtng was fierce and the longing in his eyes amazing. i'm not the sort of woman who provokes extreme reactions in men to my knowledge but I will always have the memory of him looking at me as if his feelings for me hurt him.

He is not a playboy and has had two serious relationships. He is on the second one now and yet through those relationships the connection is still there. When his girlfriend around he reverts back to flirting with me. He sometimes holidays with me and his freinds without her simply because he lives abroad and she who is from that country cannot always come over. He's not sneaking.

top to his behaviour. Last summer I flirted back to try and put a stop to it but it only worked temporarily.

When i met himagain he was as bad as ever. Last week he was over with his girlfriend and they do get on really well and are always touching eaxh other and they are both very nice but when she headed out for a smoke I said something fairly mundane and that look was back in his eye. It's like he gets over me and then I do something and he remembers why he fell for me and falls all over again.


Personally I'm sick of it because it is never going to go anywhere and whilst I sepnt time in my past aching for something to happen I have moved on.


Guy number 2 seems interested but just when I convince myself that i'm important to him he says something to make me doubt it. I don't know if its bravado on his part or not.

He looks at me differently than guy 1. Sometimes i'm telling a little story and he seems to be looking at me, my eyes or my forehead and he is smiling away. He texts alot but i think he texts alot of people. I'm sure he is fond of me but i do not know if i'm of particular romantic interest to him. If i'm getting different treatment from other women thae yes he is interested but I know he calls lots of people darling and he goes for cofee with other women. he probably goes out with me more but that might just be that I'm around a little more because I live near and am single.


I think I'm every man's second favourite woman because i'm shy and when they are going out with someone else there's no tension in me, i feel safe to be myself. I don't get romantic with them obviously. I never went out with someone dating someone else.

Guy 1 saw me as myself because he was in my group and i would never have thought he would like me.

Guy 2 would have seen me at work abain a place where i'm less self conscious.

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