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just need to talk to someone. 9 hour work day alone in the office. since last monday i've been having these very slight tighness in my chest, doesnt hurt just doesnt feel like the normal nothing that goes on in your body.


went to an urgent care doc accross the street last night for a piece of mind and the ecg was fine, chest xray was fine. but there was positive myoglobin in the blood which is a protein releases when muscles such as the heart are under stress.


said i should just talk to my regular doc which i have an appointment with tomorrow. but just a while ago i start feeling this light stabbing thing in the arch of my left armpit in the front. but my chest feels fine.


I'm so worried, bc i have no family. My mom and bro died a few years back and i'm all alone. i don't want to die, i just want to be healthy and not feel anything in my body.


i will go to the ER if i feel anything. but i'm just so crushingly alone. money is a scare, if i get sick no one is there to help me, i barely get by now. I'm only 28 for gods sake!


sorry for this long thing i doubt anyone will read it. just had to vent.

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Feeling like a failure, mum? This i...
Feeling like a failure, mum? This is what you need to hear


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