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Went to a concert with my ex of nine months


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Summary of my relationship with the ex:

We were high school sweethearts, we were together for almost 2.5 years before he called it quits in October of last year because he didn't feel "in" love with me anymore.


He began dating a girl(a person I had thought of as a friend) shortly after our break up. I went no contact a month after the break up for almost three months. But due to life circumstances and a shared hobby, I had to break no contact and saw him once a week. Things at first were really tense and awkward between us at this shared hobby, but finally towards April he began warming up the idea of me being there and I began accepting the fact that he had moved on, when out of no where he and this other girl broke up at the beginning of May.


He and this girl were complete opposites, and I found them to be a very clashing couple because of their personalities and beliefs and morals. And I wasn't the only one who thought this, a lot of his friend that I had come close with had told me that they noticed a change in him and that he wasn't the same person they had come to know. They just didn't seem to mesh at all.


Well, last Saturday he and I went to an Earth Wind and Fire concert(and we grabbed something to eat before hand as well) together, which turned out to be a lot of fun. It had been the first time he and I had hung out since the break up in October. He was very talkative and chatty compared to what I was expecting from him, I thought he would just there and not talk unless I was the one asking the questions, but all night he was the one that kept the conversation going.


At one point before the concert he brought up his friends and their girlfriend's....he briefly explained each couple, and for each one it almost seemed like he was hinting at things that could have been said about his relationship that he had with this other girl(ie, they were an odd couple, the guy seemed to be a different person around the girl, they didn't seem happy together), almost like he wanted me to say something. But I didn't think of all of this until after we had said good bye to each other that night, not that I would have known what to say at the time anyway.


I honestly don't know what to think or believe, or why he even brought up these couples so willingly on his own. I do still have feelings for my ex, and part of me thinks that I will always believe that he is "the one" for me, even if we never end up together again. But, I just don't know what he is thinking.

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He has a girlfriend, you are his ex girlfriennd and I think you are looking too much into his words in the hope they are unhappy so you can have another chance.


If you want to be his friend you have to be his friend, BUT if you want to get over him, you have to distance yourself or you'll torture yourself with 'what ifs'

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