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I am so very confused...

My Boyfriend Thinks I Don't Lov...
My Boyfriend Thinks I Don't Love Him (Here's Why and What to Do)

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okay, so I have been with my current boyfriend for about six months.

it's going well, but something has been a bit off lately.


in the beginning, he was so sweet to me and he'd always tell me how beautiful he thought I was and he made plans and conversation.

it's not like he's mean to me or anything now, but it's not the same.

it's like he is bored of me and I feel like I am interfering when I stop over

and like he's doing things with me because it's a chore.

I've noticed things like this lately and I don't know if maybe he doesn't feel any different, but it's just cause we've been together for that long now that it's getting old..?


either way, I feel insecure and get upset more easily now because I'm on edge with the way things have been. I'm not usually like this but I've noticed things were changing..

and the hard part is that he's not one to talk about his feelings like at all, so even if I brought it up, I'm not sure I would even get a reaction out of him.


I don't know what do to or maybe if I am being paranoid...

please reassure me or give me some advice...

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One of the last things the last girl I fell in love with said to me was: "hanging out with you is starting to feel like a chore". We had never fought and I considered her to be a very kind person. Ouch.


Sorry I know that's not helpful, but I know that it can be very hurtful when we start to be perceived this way. Don't let this make you the relationship saboteur. Don't lose your cool and act out. Just take action. Do what your gut tells you to do. I guess you can't really ask him to change, so maybe you just have to let him know that you are not getting what you need because he doesn't seem interested and you think you should go your separate ways.

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